Vili Petek
Senior Software Engineer

Highly skilled software engineer and a team leader with over 18 years of experience. Focused on delivering quality products from inception to production, while satisfying the unique regulatory requirements of the medical device field. Able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Successful in delivering results to customers and providing excellent customer service.


Aug 2016 - Current

Amazon Web Services, Vancouver BC
Software Development Engineer
  • AWS Fraud – Developing and automating fraud detection systems.

June 2015 – Aug 2016

Navigate Surgical Technologies Inc., Vancouver, BC
Senior Software Developer (Lead)
  • Creating mission critical 3D computer vision software solutions using C# and EmguCV (OpenCV) that enable sub-millimeter accurate free-hand dental implant placement.
  • Real-time object pose estimation using stereo cameras.
  • Extracting the pose of an object in CT scan DICOM volume.
  • Software hazard analysis (PHA, dFMEA).

April 2011 – May 2015

Verisante Technology Inc., Vancouver, BC
Senior Software Engineer/Manager
  • Contributed software management and engineering expertise in development of medical devices from user requirements collection through to the successful device deployment.
  • Introduced and implemented software development life cycle and documentation methodologies suited for medical device development.
  • Initiated an ongoing implementation of IEC 62304 medical device software lifecycle process as a part of FDA approval process.
  • Managed and participated in software development through two iterations of Raman spectroscopy systems, and multispectral imaging systems, developed using C++, C#, and DirectX technologies.
  • Participated in development of clinical trial data collection procedures, data management, and result analysis.
  • Designed and developed a secure offsite PostgreSQL database and C# software suite for storing and processing clinical trial data.

July 2012 – Dec 2012

Quisitum Automated Systems Inc., Vancouver, BC
Consultant Software Engineer
  • Designed and developed the SDK and a demo application in C++ for a prototype automated slide loader microscopy platform.

April 2008 – April 2013

OneLight Corp., Vancouver, BC
Consultant Software Engineer
  • Designed, developed, and supported SDK written in C++ for OneLight Spectra DMD based high-speed multispectral digital light source.

April 2010 – April 2011

BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC
Software Engineer
  • Proposed and initiated the development of software for an experimental 18 band multispectral endoscopy system utilizing GPU for parallel data processing in CUDA and DirectX for visualization.

July 2007 – June 2008

Motic Optical/PetkoDesign Inc., Vancouver, BC
Consultant Software Engineer
  • Participated in the design of the Moticam Pro series microscope cameras contributing in depth knowledge of competing products on the market.
  • Architected and implemented prototype SDK and a demo application in C++.
  • Facilitated knowledge transfer of software components from PetkoDesign to Motic Optical.

Jan 2000 - April 2009

Perceptronix Medical Inc., Vancouver, BC
Software Engineer/Team Lead
  • Introduced software development lifecycle and documentation needed for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification.
  • Interfaced with users, collected requirements, documented, and implemented software for spectral, fluorescent/white light endoscopy systems.
  • Re-architected and oversaw the development of software for ClearCyte Cytology System that rapidly and automatically images and classifies thousands of scanned cells.
  • Helped create software for automated scanning of up to 50 slides on microscope systems, avoiding the need for lab technician operation.

May 1999 – July 2002

Epic Data Inc., Richmond, BC
Software Engineer
  • Developed a cross platform C++ framework for wireless and wired devices enabling hardware independent application code reuse, and simplifying the development process.
  • Resolved significant wireless communication speed issues with Vancouver city parking offence ticketing system by proposing and developing a CDPD bulk transfer high speed communication module.
  • Provided legacy support for software and devices.

July 1998 – May 1999

INToo Inc., Vancouver, BC
Software Developer
  • Developed software for managing and documenting the project life cycle.

April 1997 – Aug 1997

Xillix Technologies Corp.
Student Software Developer
  • GUI development and legacy support of auto-fluorescence endoscopy systems.

Bachelor of Technology with Distinction, Computer Systems, BCIT
Diploma of Technologies, Computer System Technologies, BCIT